Band Fundraising Success Story

Band fundraising can be difficult, regardless of the size of the fundraising goal. Given the cost of new instruments, band trips, and competition entry, bands often rely on fundraisers and check writing campaigns to foot the bill. Sometimes, band expenses are expected to be fully covered by parents. These costs can pile up for families and also require a great amount of commitment from busy parents.

Despite the costs associated with fundraising, much of the trouble comes with the way that school fundraisers typically work. The greatest determining factor of a successful fundraising campaign comes might come down to one thing…(Hint: it’s not money.)

It’s time.

Running effective school fundraisers takes consistent effort from teachers, PTOs, and parents. Whether it’s an event, a check writing campaign, or a restaurant fundraiser, there’s still a significant amount of coordination and time required. Schools can easily fail to meet their fundraising goals due to the amount of time it takes to organize and maintain a campaign. This naturally leaves out parents who are unable to commit the time to help due to work or other commitments. Not to mention that many parents aren’t always able to write a check.

Playing a new tune

Trussville City Schools is organized as a foundation which supports both the Hewitt-Trussville High School and Middle School marching bands. When the Hewitt-Trussville High School marching band started using Planet Fundraiser to raise money for the foundation, they were hoping that it would be able to replace some of their past fundraising campaigns. The band previously relied heavily on parents and band boosters to write checks and actively participate in fundraising efforts.

Planet Fundraiser immediately provided all parents and supporters of the band with a way to give back. Supporters began using the Planet Fundraiser app daily and started making everyday purchases at the Planet Fundraiser network of restaurants, businesses, and retailers. Businesses donate to the band whenever someone submits a receipt from their business through the app.

Denise McManus, parent of a band member, said, “Parents are making conscious efforts to shop at Planet Fundraiser’s supporting merchants.” McManus said she is constantly visiting Chick-fil-A throughout the month to help out the band. “The plan is to use the money to rent and purchase new instruments. The Middle School band is in need of new instruments for 417 students.” Another personal favorite of band boosters was Complete Cleaners in Trussville, which has served the band for years with cleaning services for band uniforms.

First year results

The band was able to mobilize parents, teachers, and community supporters with Planet Fundraiser. It also allowed parents to support the band on a daily basis, which added up over time. In their highest performing week, the band was able to raise $500! The school also surpassed $10,000 in their first year on the Planet Fundraiser app at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

The Planet Fundraiser team was even able to stop by for a visit and congratulate them on their $10,000 total for the 2016-2017 school year!

Planet Fundraiser is great for local businesses too! This impressive total was made possible by great merchant partners that care deeply about their communities. With Planet Fundraiser, businesses have a consistent way to support local schools and causes and get to decide how much they want to give back. Local businesses are also able to work with passionate supporters of schools and nonprofits, and strengthen relationships with customers.

While $10,000 might seem like a big goal for your school or cause, don’t be intimidated – Planet Fundraiser helps schools with all different kinds of fundraising goals. The app also provides you and your supporters with an quick way to supplement your current band fundraising efforts.

So, whether you’re looking to fund your next band competition or just buy some new textbooks for your classrooms, Planet Fundraiser is the tool that you need to kickstart your school or band’s fundraising campaign.

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